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Trimble adds crop health-monitoring service to connected-farm offering

Iain Morris
June 25, 2014
Remote-tracking specialist Trimble has launched a new service allowing farmers to remotely monitor the health of crops and vegetation.

The PurePixel service is to form a part of the company’s connected farm offering and will provide specialized processing of images used for crop health analysis.

It will provide farmers with a visual representation of a selected field’s crop health or maturity level, using a color-coded index, and can be used on fields with “newly emerged vegetation” as well as those with a “full crop canopy”, says Trimble (Los Angeles, CA, USA).

Farmers will be able to use the “vegetation vigor index map” the service generates to track crop growth and measure the magnitude of difference between areas.

They will also be able to compare multiple images of the same area and to detect changes in crop health over time.

“With PurePixel's more accurate and comprehensive vegetation health data, Trimble is providing farmers and their trusted advisors with another tool they can use to make better decisions,” said Levi Kettle, connected farm business area director at Trimble's Agriculture Division. “The challenge with spatial data such as imagery is interpreting the results that lead to accurate and efficient decisions.”

“By removing the ‘noise” and delivering precisely geo-referenced field-ready maps, PurePixel enables trusted advisors to be more efficient in locating, identifying and solving crop production problems,” added Kettle.

Crop advisors that have already tested the service claim it has allowed them to detect “problem areas” long before that would have been possible by “walking fields”.

Indeed, a major benefit of PurePixel is in the area of time savings, with farmers able to identify problem areas and travel only to those areas instead of scouting an entire field, as well as improved decision-making.

The technology also lets users identify differences in crop health and maturity even when crop health is generally strong, and to assess changes in canopy size and quality by analyzing multiple PurePixel maps from the same field within a season or over several seasons.
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