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Brewery company improves logistics with beer-monitoring M2M tech

Iain Morris
June 25, 2014
Drinks company Feldschlosschen Beverages Group has begun using M2M technology from Swisscom to improve its logistics by monitoring beer tanks delivered to customers.

Sensors installed in the tanks are programmed to trigger an alert when levels are getting low, allowing Feldschlosschen – a subsidiary of Carlsberg (Copenhagen, Denmark) – to more efficiently respond to orders for new deliveries.

The company supplies a number of catering establishments and hotels with a selection of different beer brands, and says the M2M technology is being rolled out at more than 300 of its biggest clients in Switzerland.

The sensors will not only measure filling levels but also temperature and pressure at a customer’s premises.

Data gathered is regularly synchronized with the myBeer app developed by Swisscom (Worblaufen, Switzerland) for Feldschlosschen, meaning restaurateurs can see how their system is performing simply by looking at their smartphones and react immediately should there be a temperature increase or fall in pressure.

Owners would previously have needed to check beer tanks daily, which was time-consuming and meant filling levels could not be determined with any degree of accuracy – resulting in imprecise ordering.

With the M2M service, however, the tanks themselves now recognize when beer is running low and instantly trigger a new order.

Swisscom says the M2M technology will not only make life easier for catering businesses and hotels but also help to boost efficiency and reduce costs at Feldschlosschen by allowing the company to “optimize” its delivery runs.

The brewery should be able to save thousands of transport kilometers each year while simultaneously reducing its CO2 emissions, says the operator.

“Thanks to the M2M solution from Swisscom, we can also fulfil one of our customers’ greatest wishes – and hopefully we’ll soon be able to do so throughout Europe,” says Manfred Weiss, services director at Feldschlösschen.

Swisscom now claims to manage around 6.4 million mobile connections and several hundred thousand SIM cards for M2M communications.
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