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Fleet-management tech lowers fuel costs by 15% for BJB Lift Trucks

Iain Morris
June 25, 2014
Fleet management player Masternaut says its technology has allowed BJB Lift Trucks to reduce fuel costs by as much as 15%.

The materials handling specialist is using the Masternaut (Aberford, UK) service to monitor the location of its fleet and distribute workloads accordingly, with a view to improving efficiency and productivity.

According to Masternaut, the company has already benefitted hugely from using the fleet-management service.

Gaining the ability to distribute workloads according to exact vehicle positioning, it has been able to slash fuel costs by 15% by cutting down on the unnecessary time vehicles spend out on the road.

Because vehicle usage has fallen, so have depreciation costs, extending the vehicle lifecycle and reducing the need for maintenance and repair work.

Operational efficiency has also been improved, says Masternaut, thanks largely to quicker depot turnaround times.

BJB’s (Grimsby, UK) HR department is also said to have seen benefits, with Masternaut’s reporting system providing evidence to support disciplinary action in cases where there are reports of speeding or careless driving.

Masternaut’s reports can also be cross-checked with timesheets used by the finance department, making expense claims easily verifiable.

“We’ve seen benefits across the whole business – not just in fleet operations,” said BJB Lift Trucks in a statement. “With 80% of our team out on the road, it’s vital we keep track of their locations.”

Masternaut says it is already exploring ways of bringing about further productivity improvements for BJB through the use of its fleet-management technology.

“With the bulk of BJB Lift Truck’s workforce mobile, we knew it was essential for fleet managers to have full visibility of their fleet at all times,” said Martin Hiscox, the chief executive of Masternaut.

“Our solution has ensured this has been the outcome and we’re looking forward to seeing how we can further cut costs and improve efficiency with BJB Lift Trucks,” he added.
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