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ID Systems claims container-management service boosts customer revenues

Iain Morris
June 25, 2014
M2M asset-management player ID Systems has announced deal worth more than $700,000 with one of the largest truckload carriers in North America.

Under the five-year contract, the company – whose identity was not disclosed – will deploy ID Systems’ (Woodcliff Lake, NJ, USA) container management system on its fleet of intermodal containers.

“This order represents the first large-scale fleet deployment of our new intermodal cellular solution,” said Kenneth Ehrman, the president and interim chief executive of ID Systems. “This system is designed to maximize container fleet utilization and minimize idle time by providing visibility of loading and unloading events and generating real-time data on load status throughout the shipment cycle.”

“The system has demonstrated the ability to reduce shipment cycle times by an average of 72 hours per container per month, and increase shipment volume and revenue by 10% – without increasing fleet size,” he added.

Ehrman says the customer tested the system extensively before signing on the dotted line.

He also claimed that deployment of the technology on intermodal containers would give customers real-time visibility of the critical ‘last mile’ of shipments, identify when unloading is taking longer than expected and provide quick alerts on empty containers.

“With this information, containers can be turned around quicker, deadheading can be minimized, chassis rental costs can be reduced, and revenue per container can be maximized,” he said.

The ID Systems service includes real-time location tracking functionality based on GPS and cellular technology and a cargo sensor that it says provides “the functionality of a wired door sensor without the installation cost or risk of damage to exposed cables”.

The design also allows the technology to be installed between the horizontal or vertical corrugated ridges of a standard intermodal container in less than 30 minutes, says ID Systems.

The company provides a range of trailer and container tracking technologies to manufacturers, retailers, shippers and freight transportation providers, and claims its solutions are helping to improve safety, security and productivity throughout global supply chains.
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