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Pisa launches intelligent parking service to improve traffic management

Iain Morris
June 25, 2014
German telecoms incumbent Deutsche Telekom says it has launched an intelligent parking service in the Italian city of Pisa aimed at improving traffic management and aiding long-term planning by local authorities.

The system is designed to help motorists in Pisa find available parking spaces more easily than before, as well as pay for them using their smartphones or tablet devices.

The service will be available on Piazza Carrara on the banks of the river Arno and use sensors on the floor of each parking spot to detect whether they are free or occupied.

The information will then be gathered and sent over the mobile network to the city’s server infrastructure, before being displayed on indication panels that will guide drivers to a free space.

Deutsche Telekom (Bonn, Germany) says the technology will also be integrated with Pisa’s existing Tap&Park app, which drivers can use to guide them directly to a free parking space.

“The new parking system integrates seamlessly into our intelligent transport system,” said Marco Filippeschi, the mayor of Pisa. “It eases the flow of traffic and helps to cut CO2 emissions.”

Pisa has been implementing a smart mobility policy as part of its sustainable energy action plan and Filippeschi says the intelligent parking system represents “a big stride for Pisa towards improving its traffic situation over the long term”.

Drivers searching for a parking space are believed to make up around 30% of inner-city traffic in Pisa, which attracts around 90,000 vehicles per day on its roads.

Deutsche Telekom announced a tie-up with Pisa authorities on the development of smart-city services back in February 2014 and the intelligent parking service is the fruit of that collaboration.

However, Deutsche Telekom says Pisa has been using a range of modules from its partner company Kiunsys (Campochiaro, Italy) for several years.

Sensor technology from Kiunsys is being used to support the intelligent parking service.

“The modular solution can digitally map all processes relating to parking facility management and traffic in the city,” said Tiziano Di Sciullo, a sales manager at Kiunsys.

Pisa authorities intend to analyze traffic-related data the smart-city services generate to gain a deeper insight into how traffic infrastructure is used, saying this will aid traffic planning in future.
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