Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Urban Insights aims to improve transportation systems through predictive analytics

Iain Morris
June 25, 2014
Cubic Transportation Systems has launched a new business focused on making use of big data and predictive analytics generated by Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to bring about improvements in the transportation industry.

Called Urban Insights, the venture will work on generating data-driven insights that cities can draw on to become more efficient in providing transportation services.

The venture has already won support from MasterCard Enterprise Partnerships, which said it welcomed the move to bring predictive analytics to the transportation sector.

Cubic (San Diego, CA, USA), which describes itself as an integrator of payment and information technology and services for intelligent travel solutions, said the transportation industry was already a leader in terms of the volume and variety of data it generates from the use of on-board sensors and data collection points in vehicle location, scheduling and asset-management systems.

In a statement, Cubic noted that existing data warehouses hold unprecedented potential for deriving insights that could inform planning activities and aid in the management of transportation networks.

“Our customers have asked for help to combine the data that Cubic’s management systems create with the many other data sets they collect to understand the interplay of these systems and derive insights to improve operations,” said Matthew Cole, the executive vice president and deputy for strategy, business development and diversification at Cubic. “This customer need was the genesis of Urban Insights.”

Cubic said Urban Insights would employ a “tailored data science methodology” to unlock the potential of these information stores, helping transportation planners to develop a more accurate picture of the factors that cause inefficiencies in the operation of intermodal transportation networks.

Urban Insights is to assist agencies in gathering and analyzing data and then provide assistance in delivering “the optimal level of service to the right locations at the right times”.

“The formation of Urban Insights to bring predictive analytics to the industry [will provide] much-needed insights to help solve transit and mobility problems,” said Michael Pack, director of The Center for Advanced Transportation Technology at The University of Maryland.
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