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RenoNorden uses M2M from Telia and Ricoh to improve garbage collection

Iain Morris
June 18, 2014
Swedish garbage disposal company RenoNorden has revealed it is using M2M technology from telecoms operator Telia and IT provider Ricoh to connect its trucks, improving the service it offers to customers and lowering costs.

RenoNorden (Oslo, Norway) had been using mobile broadband services from a range of different suppliers in its refuse trucks, but wanted a more sophisticated M2M service to improve its logistics.

The service from Telia (Stockholm, Sweden) and Ricoh (Tokyo, Japan) provides information about when and from where the waste is collected and how much it weighs.

RenoNorden says the M2M service will give it more control over its garbage trucks and allow it to save costs.

The data the service generates is to be used by the company to provide the basis for cost estimates in future.

As a first step, SIM cards are being installed in 150 garbage trucks in selected municipalities that will be monitored by Ricoh’s service desk, but the company plans to equip more garbage trucks with the technology if the initial venture proves successful.

RenoNorden says the availability and coverage of network services is of critical importance for transmitting data to an office where it can be analyzed.

However, it notes that trucks can turn on roaming services if need be, claiming this allows it to receive services no matter where in the country its trucks are located.

This also means data can be sent to municipalities that RenoNorden serves, allowing them to make improvements to their own planning activities.

“Telia offers excellent coverage and availability of network services and with roaming can ensure that RenoNorden is connected everywhere all the time,” said Anders Palm, director of business development at Ricoh Sweden.

RenoNorden claims to be the Nordic market leader in waste collection, serving around 4.3 million customers across Scandinavia, including the municipalities of Saffle, Sigtuna and Sundbyberg in Sweden.
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