Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Entigral, ID Integration to launch "smart manufacturing" services

Iain Morris
June 18, 2014
Asset-tracking players Entigral and ID Integration are partnering on the sale of so-called “smart manufacturing” services to companies in the US aerospace, government and manufacturing sectors.

Their technology allows organizations to monitor their assets and improve the efficiency of their operations through the use of in-process management, warehouse and supply chain management and inventory replenishment services.

Under the partnership, ID Integration (Mukilteo, WA, USA) will become a reseller of TraxWare – a sensor automation software platform developed by Entigral (Raleigh, NC, USA) that uses radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology to monitor the movement of goods.

ID Integration is to resell a variety of TraxWare applications that will help organizations move towards what it calls a “smart manufacturing model” – whereby M2M technology has been used to bring about major improvements in productivity and efficiency.

ID Integration claims to be a recognized leader at bringing manufacturing automation technologies to marking, reading and verification systems for machine-readable barcodes, and says it has been at the forefront of developing RFID solutions for military and aviation industry compliance.

“Adding Entigral’s TraxWare to our portfolio provides us an extensible software solution for our existing customer base and allows us to extend our smart manufacturing offerings and RFID solutions to the general manufacturing environment,” said Gary Moe, the president of ID Integration.

Moe believes that RFID and “direct part marking technologies” have the potential to make “every entity on the production floor become predictive”.

Predictive services allow companies to maintain equipment in the field remotely based on the performance data they produce.

“This new partnership is a testament to TraxWare’s ability to bring smart manufacturing and the Internet of Things to very compliance-driven market segments like the military and aerospace,” said Booth Kalmbach, Entigral’s president and chief executive. “We are excited to work closely with ID Integration to bring TraxWare to market in these industries.”
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