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Arrow to distribute Maxtena tech for asset tracking

Iain Morris
June 18, 2014
Arrow Electronics is to begin distributing a range of wireless technologies from Maxtena that will help customers in the industrial equipment market to better monitor their assets.

Maxtena (Rockville, MD, USA) already provides antenna products and consulting services to businesses and government customers worldwide, and claims its technology can be used to monitor the performance of industrial equipment and deliver operational benefits to customers.

Through its radiofrequency business – RF & Power – Arrow (Englewood, CA, USA) sells products to the power conversion and renewable energy markets and says the Maxtena technology could be used in a range of applications and devices, including satellite phones,
communications gear, asset tracking, recreational devices and industrial equipment.

Through the tie-up, Arrow also plans to support customers with custom wireless solutions ranging from smart metering to 4G LTE.

The Maxtena technology is compatible with a range of satellite and cellular technologies, including GNSS and LTE, meaning it can be used in remote settings where cellular networks may not be available.

“Maxtena’s proprietary Helicore technology provides high-performing yet miniaturized antenna solutions,” said Mark Vitellaro, the director of strategic marketing for Arrow RF & Power. “Maxtena’s technical and competitive advantages combined with our technical and customer support will enable design engineers to utilize the optimum antenna solution for their needs.”

In a statement, Maxtena said that Arrow’s product and technology knowledge, as well as its ability to form lasting customer relationships, made it a perfect choice of distribution partner.
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