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WebMD launches remote patient monitoring to improve wellbeing

Iain Morris
June 18, 2014
Healthcare technology player WebMD has launched a health improvement program for the iPhone that uses biometric data from activity trackers and other devices to provide guidance to users about healthy living.

Branded WebMD Healthy Target, the service is specifically aimed at patients managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, but could also interest a broader audience looking to improve general fitness and wellbeing.

The technology is capable of processing data about sleeping patterns, weight and blood glucose data from multiple device makers, says WebMD (New York City, NY, USA), and generating “actionable insights” based on the data.

Users of iPhone 5 smartphones will also be able to track their steps using the app and can either manually input biometric data into Healthy Target or connect other devices to it.

“WebMD’s Healthy Target empowers consumers to make behavioral changes that can improve their physical and mental health,” said Michael Smith, the chief medical editor at WebMD. “To achieve successful, sustainable behavioral change, consumers must learn how to track and manage the factors that contribute to healthy living.”

WebMD claims that more than 40% of consumers are now using mobile devices to access health information, giving it a large addressable market for the new service.

“Consumers will appreciate the ease of incorporating their biometric data into our Healthy Target program and the health insights and recommendations offered to help them sustain a healthier life,” said David Ziegler, the director of product management for WebMD.

Features of the service include a goal-setting function that allows users to set targets for improving their health, as well as a “data understanding” tool that provides a complete summary of a user’s biometric data.

Besides offering daily snapshots for monitoring progress, the technology can also generate weekly recaps assessing how close users are achieving their goals based on the data they provide.
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