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VESAG unveils smart watch for health tracking

Iain Morris
June 18, 2014
Mobile health company VESAG has unveiled a new smart watch that will send an alert to caregivers and family members if its wearer experiences a fall.

The device includes tracking features and collects patient parameters, including details of pulse, heart rate and blood pressure.

All data can be wirelessly transmitted to a web portal for monitoring by a medical call center.

The watch also lets users make two-way voice calls and comes with an “SOS” button that can be programmed to call emergency services or family members.

Besides functioning as a health-and-safety monitor, the device can also detect details of temperature and humidity in the vicinity.

Branded, MPERSENS, the smart watch is scheduled to become available in September this year.

VESAG (North Brunswick, NJ, USA) says the device can be paired with multiple home monitoring sensors and medical sensors to offer additional functionality, and is capable of relaying information to servers at periodic intervals.

Moreover, the watch can be programmed to open door locks when the SOS button is pressed, giving emergency workers quick access to a home in the event of an accident.

“MPERSENS has all the essential components and serves various types of needs,” said Rajendra Sadhu, VESAG’s chief executive. “It is truly a marvelous piece that serves various age groups.”

VESAG has also announced a range of partner programs that will allow third parties to build their own software based on data received from the device.

“VESAG APIs will allow many corporations to build their own proprietary algorithms on top of the sensors without spending much time in developing a new hardware for their needs,” said Pradeep Karki, the vice president of IT for VESAG. “They can control many features of the watch to tailor their needs.”
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