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CoSwitched extends "no frills" M2M service outside Europe

Iain Morris
June 12, 2014
Self-described “no frills” M2M operator CoSwitched says it has expanded the coverage of its M2M service into the markets of Australia, Israel, Russia, South Africa, South Korea and the US.

In March, the Portuguese company launched services based on GSM technology in 20 European markets, with the aim of creating a pan-European mobile virtual network for Internet of Things (IoT) services.

It now claims to cover some 35 countries across five continents with a combined population of nearly one billion people.

“We have been working with operators and other partners to expand our no-frills M2M service in different markets,” said Bruno Duarte, the co-founder of CoSwitched (Lisbon, Portugal). “We have seen demand from our existing customers and potential ones to work in countries outside Europe (e.g., British companies deploying devices in South Africa or Australia).”

“This launch allows us to expand the coverage of our no-frills connectivity service and better serve those manufacturers and owners of connected machines,” he added. “Our M2M connectivity service will work seamlessly in any country, in Europe and outside Europe.”

Duarte indicated that CoSwitched customers would continue to benefit in the additional countries from a single management platform and all the value-added voice, SMS and data services for machines.

Customers will be offered what CoSwitched describes as a “cross-border” mobility experience with a single pricing plan.

CoSwitched has previously flagged plans to capture between 10,000 and 15,000 connections in its first year of operators, and made no adjustments to these targets in its latest announcement.

Modest as they might seem, the company faces stiff competition from mobile network operators and other IoT specialists, such as the UK’s Neul (Cambridge) and France-based Sigfox (Toulouse).

Moreover, while CoSwitched is positioning itself as a “no frills” service, catering to more basic M2M requirements, interest continues to grow in potentially more advanced uses of M2M technology the company might struggle to support.
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