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Podsystem promises to "put control back in hands of M2M customer"

Iain Morris
June 12, 2014
UK-headquartered mobile virtual network operator Podsystem has launched a new M2M service allowing customers to expand M2M applications across EU countries and the US.

The operator is offering services using the networks of AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, and has agreements in place with a variety of network operators in Europe.

It says customers in Europe and the US will be able to take advantage of the deal to expand M2M businesses outside their home markets and benefit from a flat data rate.

The service includes a SIM card supporting “best signal” multi-network connectivity across all EU countries plus the US at no additional cost.

It also comes with Podsystem’s “FreedoM-2-Manage”-branded platform, which is intended to give customers real-time control of M2M data usage.

Podsystem describes the service launch as the “first stage in a global solution designed to put the control back into the hands of the M2M customer” by giving them ownership of multi-network SIMs – which are usually the property of the core network.

“In addition to providing coverage across both continents at a price that enables M2M application providers to open new markets and grow their profits, Podsystem M2M provides unrivalled experience in supporting the development of M2M applications and enabling quick time to market,” said Charles Towers-Clark, the chief executive of Podsystem.

“Our 14 years of experience in the M2M market have shown us that the main requirement for our customers is maximum control over the data connectivity of their devices,” he added. “This is the first stage in a solution that will give them the ability to quickly change the profile of the SIM Over The Air in case of technical or commercial issues on the network, providing global control that will evolve with the development of their applications.”
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