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VoCare joins forces with Motorola on remote patient monitoring

Iain Morris
June 11, 2014
Telehealth player VoCare has partnered with Google-owned Motorola on the launch of a remote patient monitoring service that bundles an emergency response system with standard voice, text-messaging and data services.

The product is aimed at elderly and chronically ill users and combines a number of preloaded applications that can be used with medical peripheral devices, allowing physicians to monitor the wellbeing of patients in their care.

VoCare (Indianapolis, IN, USA) is also offering its MySimpleOne smartphone and HealthCareAnywhere telehealth app – for use on a range of devices – as part of the service.

The tie-up with Motorola (Chicago, IL, USA) comes shortly after VoCare raised $5 million during its Series A offering and completed clinical trials of its technology.

VoCare hopes to raise an additional $20 million in its Series B offering before it goes public, saying this will allow it to bring on additional staff and launch its program nationally.

“VoCare provides four significant benefits for both provider and patient: improved patient care; enhanced personal safety; an overall reduction in the cost of care; and a new revenue stream for physicians who are willing to provide a plan of care,” said Ben Park, the chief executive of healthcare organization American Health Network.

VoCare claims that differentiates itself from other technology companies addressing the healthcare market by combining telehealth with remote patient monitoring – allowing doctors to track patient health and make “virtual house-calls”.

“This creates a new approach to patient care inasmuch as it addresses the needs of an aging population while it enhances efficiency for healthcare organizations,” said Steven Peabody, VoCare’s chief executive and founder.

Peabody says he expects VoCare to complete its Series B offering in the next few months and that “to position the company for future growth and expansion it is VoCare’s intention to become a publicly traded company at the close of this fundraising series”.
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