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iGetBetter, Validic support biometric data access across device types

Iain Morris
June 11, 2014
Healthcare technology players iGetBetter and Validic have teamed up to provide a web-based “care transition service” that can access biometric data from a broad range of devices and help to reduce hospital readmissions.

The companies say they are responding to the fact that many patients moving between hospitals and the home use biometric devices – such as weighing scales, blood pressure cuffs, glucometers and activity trackers – from different manufacturers and linked to mobile devices running a variety of operating systems, including Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows.

To provide the best possible care to patients, healthcare providers need to be able to collect data from all these, regardless of manufacturing source and software platform, argue the companies.

iGetBetter (Waltham, MA, USA) is responsible for developing the web-based care service, while Validic (Durham, NC, USA) is contributing the platform that allows providers to access data from various devices.

“In a complex care transition process with multiple providers and many devices, it is of great value to have an integration platform like Validic to make providing our solution easier,” said Win Burke, iGetBetter’s chief executive. “Having to develop an API [application programming interface] for each of the devices used by providers and patients versus developing only one to Validic was a simple choice.”

“We will depend on the Validic platform to collect and connect patient data and deliver it real time into the iGetBetter solution, so we can focus on improving care transitions,” added Burke. “Our team has started working on the new API and we expect to be able to deliver it as part of our solution in a matter of weeks.”

Validic claims to support more than one hundred devices in total, and says that healthcare providers will be able to develop a better overview of patients’ health – and aid their recovery – with the ability to access data in real time from a range of sensors, wearables and in-home medical devices.

“We are proud that iGetBetter selected our platform for its integration needs,” said Ryan Beckland, co-founder and chief executive of Validic. “I am confident that because of the Validic speed and efficient access to actionable digital health data, iGetBetter will be able to further enhance care transitions for patients.”
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