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AT&T to pilot location services for combating asset theft, credit-card fraud

Iain Morris
June 11, 2014
US telecoms giant AT&T is to pilot a new location-based service that could help track the movement of equipment, and tackle the problem of stolen assets, as well as prevent incidences of credit-card fraud.

The operator said its plan was to add new features to its Location Services Information portfolio to protect against credit card fraud and support a range of asset-tracking and ‘concierge’ capabilities.

Those features are to be made available in more than 150 countries, said the operator, with a pilot set to begin this summer.

Following that pilot, AT&T (Dallas, TX, USA) intends to deploy the service for enterprise customers later in 2014.

AT&T says the service would proactively notify companies when their customers – who would have to opt in – arrive in a new country.

A credit card company could then confirm its customer had travelled to a new country as soon as that customer turns on his or her mobile device.

Other organizations would be able to use the same capability to track the movement of equipment, improving the efficiency of their operations and helping them to combat the problem of asset theft.

“Companies want to get ahead of customer expectations, offer new ways to solve challenges and differentiate from their competitors,” said Laura Merling, the vice president of business digital experience for AT&T.

“Our new Location Information Services API [application programming interface] does that by allowing enterprises to provide an extra layer of credit card security, keep track of valuable assets and enhance a traveler's experience with timely local information,” she added.

The operator’s service would work by allowing businesses to access AT&T network data to locate a particular device and authenticate its location.
AT&T says the feature builds on its Mobile Identity API Toolkit, which was launched in December 2013, and is designed to make mobile transactions safer by allowing businesses to authenticate the identities of AT&T subscribers on the AT&T network.

According to the Nilson Report, a financial industry trade publication, the cost of global payment card fraud grew by 10.2% in 2013 to reach $12.42 billion.
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