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Trimble bolsters portfolio of mining solutions with MIS acquisition

Iain Morris
June 11, 2014
Tracking specialist Trimble has announced a takeover of Australia’s Mining Information Systems (MIS) aimed at expanding the range of monitoring services and inventory control applications it offers to companies in the mining sector.

Trimble (Sunnyvale, CA, USA) did not disclose how much it would pay for MIS (Perth, Australia) but claimed the acquisition would add enterprise-level information management capabilities to its portfolio of mining solutions.

Trimble already offers a range of services for the mining industry, including positioning solutions for drilling, rail and access route planning systems and light truck fleet management services, but says the MIS capabilities will give mining companies a more complete view of workforce and cost data, helping to improve productivity and profitability – as well as safety.

MIS systems are able to collect and analyze data generated from across mining and ore processing operations, providing managers with greater insight into the performance of their businesses.

“Productivity applications in functional areas such as drill and blast, haulage and materials processing have improved operational efficiencies, but the value of this data has not been fully realized since it is not readily collected and integrated for a complete, site-wide view,” said Nathan Pugh, the business area director of Trimble’s mining division.

“MIS offers an enterprise-level system that unlocks data and metrics from across functional areas for a complete view of mine productivity and profitability for decision makers across planning, operations and finance,” he added. “Trimble offers high levels of accuracy in geospatial solutions today and with the enterprise-level mine information platform, we can increase the use and value of geospatial data and other data sources for our customers.”

MIS said it expected Trimble’s expertise in geospatial technologies to be integral to the development of new productivity and inventory control applications in the resources sector.

“We share Trimble’s vision that mines can be more productive, more profitable and safer with improved reporting and use of geospatial technology, productivity, product quality, risk and cost information at the enterprise level,” said David Prance, managing director of MIS.
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