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Flaircomm and Gemalto target Chinese carmakers with monitoring tech

Iain Morris
June 11, 2014
Hardware players Flaircomm Microelectronics and Gemalto have teamed up on the development of a telematics control unit aimed at Chinese car manufacturers and designed to monitor oil pressure, car speed and engine status for drivers and logistics managers.

Flaircomm (Fuzhou, China) specializes in developing devices for the automotive industry and says it is now integrating Gemalto’s (Amsterdam, Netherlands) M2M solution in its T-Box unit to support in-car cellular connectivity.

The T-Box has been designed to withstand various extreme conditions, including high temperatures, pressures and vibrations, making it suitable for various applications.

Besides monitoring vehicle parameters, the T-Box will provide information on nearest amenities, such as petrol stations and convenience stores, and will also trigger an emergency call for assistance and medical help in the event of an accident or breakdown.

“Thet connected car market in China could exceed RMB200 billion by 2020,” said Luke Shi, the chairman of Flaircomm. “Working with Gemalto puts us in a good position to address that mega-trend.”

“We have also passed the joint debugging test carried out by ten European operators, and so we have become a key player in the automotive industry for both domestic and international markets,” he added.

Gemalto says the deal will help it to expand its growing footprint in China, where it provides hardware to a number of M2M service providers.

“We are fully committed to meeting Flaircomm’s current and future needs, with a complete M2M offering that can include modules and secure personalization after the M2M identification module has been has been deployed,” said Michael Wallon, the vice president of M2M Sales for Asia Pacific at Gemalto.

“For our customers, this means simplified cross-border movement of M2M devices and unparalleled flexibility in instantly bringing on board international network partners,” added Wallon.
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