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Tennessee utility saves more than $850,000 thanks to smart-grid tech

Iain Morris
June 10, 2014
Tennessee-based Morristown Utility Systems (MUS) has been able to save more than $850,000 through the use of smart grid technology supplied by Tantalus.

The utility, which serves customers in eastern Tennessee, has been rolling out voltage management applications in partnership with Tantalus (Raleigh, NC, USA) as part of a broader energy efficiency strategy funded by the Tennessee Valley Authority.

The work has seen Tantalus make use of the utility’s fiber-based network communications system to introduce advanced metering infrastructure in Morristown.

Investments the utility has made in so-called closed loop voltage reduction (CLVR), based on the Tantalus solution, have allowed it to pass major savings on to its customers through reduced load charges during peak demand.

“In service to our customers, we’re always looking for new ways ot improve our operations and manage costs,” said Jody Wigington, the general manager of MUS. “One way we are demonstrating that commitment is through the CLVR application, which has consistently allowed us to safely reduce system-wide peak electrical consumption with no impact on power quality to our customers.”

“Over the past two years, this application has produced more than $866,000 in savings, which we pass on to our customers in the form of some of the lowest power rates in the country,” added Wigington.

The CLVR technology includes a feature that continuously monitors and delivers data on system health within seconds of an incident, allowing MUS to improve operational efficiency and outage management.

“The strategic investments in telecoms and utility automation technologies made by the city leaders of Morristown are paving the way to establish one of the ‘smartest’ grids in the country,” said Peter Londa, the chief executive of Tantalus. “This can be a key element in attracting businesses to the area and spurring economic development.”

“At the same time, these investments are also improving reliability and empowering consumers to understand and manage energy usage,” he added.
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