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MediaTek enters smart home with new IoT chips

Iain Morris
June 5, 2014
Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek has jumped aboard the smart-home bandwagon with its release of two system on chips designed for applications like smart lighting, door locks and plugs.

The company said it was responding to a fall in equipment prices and technological advances that are expected to trigger a surge of interest in smart home appliances over the next few years.

“This is the opportune time for MediaTek (Hsinchu, Taiwan) to drive proliferation of the Internet of Things market,” said the company in a statement.

MediaTek says the chips will not only allow it to enter the smart home market but also take the smart home user experience to new heights.

The MT7688, the first of the two devices, is designed to power more complicated and data-intensive smart home appliances such as IP cameras and home surveillance systems.

The MT7681, meanwhile, is said to be suitable for simpler applications, like smart plugs lighting and sensors.

Both will operate with MediaTek’s smart connection app, allowing users to control various appliances by means of Android, iOS and Windows smartphones.

“The MT7688 and MT7681 put MediaTek in a favorable position to not only enter into, but also lead, the smart home arena,” said SR Tsai, the general manager of the connectivity business unit at MediaTek. “For these smart home appliances to truly work, they have to consume low power, be exceptionally energy efficient and highly integrated, all of which are areas where MediaTek’s products excel.”

“In addition to each product’s respective advantages, MediaTek has a 35% share in the home router market, which proves MediaTek's prowess in the connectivity area,” he added. “Connectivity is essential for smart home appliances to be truly smart.”

MediaTek says both the MT7688 and MT7681 have entered into mass production and that devices powered by them are expected to hit the market in the second half of the year.
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