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Trimble launches new connected farm service for soil monitoring

Iain Morris
June 5, 2014
Tracking specialist Trimble has launched a new connected-farm service allowing farmers to monitor the condition of the soil in which crops are planted.

The Soil Information System (SIS) is designed to generate in-depth data about soil, allowing farmers to make more informed decisions about crop production goals.

Trimble (Sunnyvale, CA, USA) says it can be accessed through its connected farm platform and used with its farm management software or other geographical information systems.

The connected farm platform enables farmers to access information about rainfall totals, weather forecasts, commodity tracking, planting coverage, yield mapping, fleet management, and irrigation monitoring and control.

The new SIS service uses a number of advanced sensors, combined with intelligent targeting and geo-processing algorithms, to product accurate soil and topographic information, says Trimble.

Using the service, farmers should be able to develop a better understanding of physical and chemical characterization of the soil and take steps to address related challenges.

By analyzing soil variability and patterns, SIS can provide targeted recommendations on the best locations where soil samples should be taken, reducing the number of samples required to provide high-quality information by as much as 60% over traditional sampling methods, claims Trimble.

“By adding the SIS solution to connected farm, Trimble is providing farmers and their agronomists with critical soil information they can use to improve crop production and benefit the bottom line,” said Levi Kettle, the connected farm business area director of Trimble's agriculture division.

“For example, knowing the soil’s plant available water capacity can aid in irrigation layout, scheduling, moisture sensor targeting, root stock selection and many other management decisions.”

Trimble says SIS is available through authorized Trimble service providers in several different packages, depending on the accuracy and resolution required for the particular crop type and the owner’s production goals.
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