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TireStamp, Telit promise logistics savings with tire monitoring system

Iain Morris
June 4, 2014
TireStamp is using technology from M2M module maker Telit to support its development of tire pressure monitoring systems that promise huge savings and efficiency improvements for logistics and fleet managers.

The company’s technology uses cellular and positioning modules made by Telit (London, UK) to provide real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature across a number of vehicle types and tire brands and in a variety of locations.

According to a statement from Telit, tires represent the second highest operating cost of running a fleet – second only to fuel – and tires maintenance can also have a significant impact on highway safety, revenue potential and operational efficiency.

Data generated by TireStamp’s (Rochester Hills, MI, USA) system allows fleet managers to schedule maintenance, intervene in case of an emergency, improve on-time delivery and enhance regulatory compliance.

The technology works by gathering data from sensors and transmitting this over cellular infrastructure to a location where it can be analyzed.

Telit’s module was chosen partly because it allows TireSteamp to customize its services for different types of connectivity service, depending on geographical location.

TireStamp is also using Telit’s JF2 GNSS device – a low-power module that communicates with satellite (GPS and Glonass) positioning systems and can help locate vehicles in the event of an emergency at any time.

“Our customers are typically in the maintenance space,” said Scott Feagan, Chairman and CEO of TireStamp. “Reliability and support are extremely important to them – and to me.”

Noting that more than a billion tires are sold globally each year, Telit claims to have a long history of supporting fleet telematics and automotive solutions.
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