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Oceaneering bolsters subsea asset-tracking service with AIRSIS takeover

Iain Morris
June 4, 2014
Engineered products provider Oceaneering has announced a takeover of asset-tracking specialist AIRSIS as it looks to enhance the range of services it offers on offshore drilling rigs and vessels engaged in subsea activities.

A provider of remote asset management software services, AIRSIS (Houston, TX, USA) generated revenues of about $7 million in 2013 and will be merged with Oceaneering’s (Houston, TX, USA) subsea projects segment.

Oceaneering says customers rely on asset tracking services to develop an understanding of their overall operational performance – helping them to become more efficient and respond faster to emergencies and other developments.

Its technology collects and displays real-time data associated with an offshore operation – including rig or vessel position, remotely operated vehicle video and subsea survey information.

A particular attraction of AIRSIS was the company’s PortVision service, which provides web-based location reporting on commercial vessels.

Oceaneering says it will continue to support AIRSIS’ existing customers – including some 3,000 that make use of PortVision – but also plans to begin marketing PortVision to prospective new customers through its existing distribution channels.

Besides serving the offshore oil and gas industries – with its focus on deepwater applications – Oceaneering has also developed advanced applied technology expertise for the defense, entertainment and aerospace industries.
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