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ROAMWORKS enters Tanzania with fleet-management offer

Iain Morris
June 4, 2014
M2M logistics specialist ROAMWORKS has launched a range of fleet-management services in the fast-growing Tanzanian market.

Using the company’s ROAM platform, the services will allow customers to use their existing infrastructure and link fleet data to other enterprise systems they may be using, such as billing or third-party dispatch systems.

The service also comes with a combined GSM and satellite package, meaning trucking companies can rely on services in remote parts of the country not adequately served by cellular networks.

The dual-mode connectivity feature also allows data transmission to switch between cellular and satellite networks as vehicles travel, ensuring there is continuous connectivity in remote areas while minimizing communications expenses.

“This is a major advantage to smaller businesses, which make up 95% of Tanzania’s economy,” explains Jason Gasper, the chief operating officer of ROAMWORKS (Atlanta, GA, USA). “They can get a highly robust fleet management solution, without having to start over, at a reasonable cost due to our existing partnerships with hardware manufacturers and communications carriers.”

“Our ROAM platform is easy to use – and because of our experience in other markets, comes with a pre-set number of features that can simply be ‘turned on’ when smaller customers begin to grow and require more advanced features,” he added.

ROAMWORKS says Tanzanian fleet managers will be able to access the service using a mobile app.

Using that feature, they would be able to take immediate action to reschedule loads or correct driver behavior – if a delivery driver is delayed or unreachable – or immobilize the vehicle in the even of a suspected theft.

ROAMWORKS says it is offering its services through a network of value-added resellers in Tanzania.
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