Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Neul, Farsite developing intelligent waste-management service

Iain Morris
June 4, 2014
UK Internet of Things (IoT) player Neul has teamed up with hardware manufacturer Farsite Communications on the development of an intelligent bin-sensing system that will notify authorities when rubbish is in need of collecting.

The so-called netBin application is designed to monitor containers such as waste and recycling bins so that authorities need dispatch collection trucks only when they are full.

The companies say the service could help to reduce heavy lorry road traffic and transportation costs, besides making staff more productive and eliminating environmental problems related to overflowing bins.

Neul (Cambridge, UK) and Farsite (Basingstoke, UK) say netBin is aimed at local councils and commercial waste handling companies.

Besides collaborating on netBin, the two companies are working with other companies that want to improve the capabilities of their products and services through the use of M2M technology.

Neul is one of the main players behind Weightless, an M2M communications standard using the white space spectrum freed up with the transition from analog to digital broadcasting, while Farsite has developed a NT1001-branded module that is able to communicate over low-power wide area networks and is suited to a range of IoT uses.

“We have been working with Neul for over two years to develop cost effective, smart, connected products,” said Steve Scott, Sales and Marketing Director at FarSite. “I’m delighted that FarSite has now become one of Neul’s first integration partners [and] look forward to many exciting product announcements in the future as a result of this partnership.”

Neul is becoming increasingly prominent in the UK’s IoT arena, having recently announced a partnership with BT (London, UK), the country’s fixed-line telecoms incumbent, to build a smart city in Milton Keynes in the southeast of the UK.

The companies say the project will demonstrate the ability of a city-wide M2M infrastructure to cope with a large number of static and mobile sensors.
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