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Port Metro Vancouver realizes supply chain benefits with Webtech service

Iain Morris
June 4, 2014
Telematics company Webtech Wireless has revealed it is providing GPS technology to Port Metro Vancouver to support the smart fleet trucking strategy the port announced last year.

Port Metro Vancouver wants to make improvements to the efficiency and reliability of the container truck sector – as well as its collaboration with supply chain partners – and believes use of the Webtech (Vancouver, Canada) service will bring about a number of benefits, including a reduction in vehicle idling times.

The port has already installed 1,000 GPS locators from Webtech in drayage trucks and says another 1,000 will be installed by July 2014.

The locators use satellite positioning and cellular technology to send real-time vehicle location data to dispatch offices, giving logistics managers greater insight into vehicle activity, routing, congestion and idle times.

Port Metro Vancouver says the data gathered can help logistics managers to make operational improvements and give stakeholders greater visibility of procedures.

“Millions of dollars of goods go through our port every single day,” said Peter Xotta, the vice president of planning and operations for Port Metro Vancouver. “We are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and ensure our operations are conducted in the most sustainable fashion.”

“Implementing the GPS solution from Webtech Wireless will provide a complete, accurate and real-time base of data to help manage congestion and wait times at Port Metro Vancouver,” he added. “It will also make Port Metro Vancouver the first to have all port-licensed trucks outfitted with GPS technology, providing the opportunity to transform the container trucking industry and make our port a world leader.”

Webtech says Port Metro Vancouver has already been able to realize significant internal operational improvements and deliver key benefits to stakeholders by using its GPS systems.
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