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GE, Real Time Medical to help pathologists share clinical data

Iain Morris
June 4, 2014
GE Healthcare has partnered with software player Real Time Medical to offer a new service that will allow pathologists to share clinical data with colleagues in different locations.

The GE (Fairfield, CT, USA) subsidiary believes the tie-up with Real Time Medical (Toronto, Canada) will help to improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis.

The partnership will see GE Healthcare combine its Omnyx IDP scanner and software solution with Real Time Medical’s DiaShare workflow management platform.

Omnyx allows pathologists to digitally view and share slide images with their colleagues in different locations, while DiaShare is a workflow management platform that connects pathologists in real time and automatically sends alerts when new cases need reviewing.

Real Time Medical describes DiaShare as a “multi-disciplinary digital imaging solution” that was specifically designed to improve operational efficiency, productivity and quality of care.

The combination of the two technologies will allow pathologists to share image data and collaborate with colleagues in real time to improve decision making and facilitate learning, says GE.

“There has been huge investment in information technology in most areas of the hospital to improve clinical outcomes and productivity, but little has been done to empower the pathologist,” said GE’s Mamar Gelaye. “For a long time, pathologists have been disconnected – from each other and from other clinicians and patient data.”

“Now, by combining our Omnyx solution with Real Time Medical’s DiaShare, platform we are able to go one step further,” added Gelaye. “Our combined solutions address important needs to further streamline the pathology workflow which will improve access to subspecialty expertise within a single, intuitive workflow.”

Omnyx is currently being offered for primary diagnostic use in Europe and Canada and for limited clinical use as well as research use in the US, says GE.
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