Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Software AG launches IoT analytics product

Iain Morris
May 29, 2014
German software giant Software AG has launched an Internet of Things (IoT) toolkit aimed at providing insight into the data generated by connected devices.

The company says the IoT Solution Accelerator – as it is branded – is intended mainly for chief information officers looking to make more informed business decisions based on various data sources.

The software should also support the work of data analysts and help companies to develop “smart systems” that respond in real time to patterns in sensor data.

Software AG (Darmstadt, Germany) says the Accelerator is made up of five essential features, including advanced analytics, low-latency messaging, in-memory processing, real-time HTML5 dashboards and end-to-end security.

It can be connected to platforms developed by other IoT players, such as Axeda (Foxboro, MA, USA) and AT&T (Dallas, TX, USA), and comes with a project development kit – containing developer tools – and a solution guide.

“We are witnessing a massive explosion with the interconnection of things as more physical objects become embedded with sensors, actuators and devices to gain the ability to collect data and communicate,” said John Crupi, the vice president of visual analytics for Software AG.

“Forward-thinking companies are already recognizing the potential benefits of a global system of internet-connected things, but struggle with the challenge of how they can manage, control, and act upon the anticipated tsunami of data and events that all this will undoubtedly create,” he added.

According to ABI Research, a market-research company, that challenge is often about the different technologies needed to gather, store and analyze data – rather than the volume of data itself.

“Nowadays, new database technologies are often built on Hadoop, but it is not designed and hence is slow for real-time analyses,” said Dan Shey, a practice director at ABI. “By leveraging in-memory database technologies, data access and event processing is lightening fast, allowing insight generation in real time.”

“With connections reaching nearly 24 billion ‘things’ by 2020, the resulting incremental information promises to shape new business models, drive business process efficiencies, and help reduce costs and risks,” added Shey.

Software AG claims that a unique feature of its Accelerator is its ability to combine real-time data and historical data at the same time to provide greater context.

That should allow analysts to identify opportunities or threats as they occur and act upon them, it says.
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