Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

BlackBerry IoT service to offer "better logistics data"

Iain Morris
May 28, 2014
Smartphone maker BlackBerry has outlined plans for a series of Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives that would help manufacturers in need of better logistics and control data, besides benefitting other organizations through the use of M2M technology.

The company has fallen on hard times in the smartphone sector and is hoping a push into the M2M and IoT space will rekindle its fortunes.

Under the codename of Project Ion, it has outlined a bold vision of developing M2M technologies and services that would help businesses to connect people, devices and machines and derive value from those connections.

“As connectivity costs continue to fall and connected technologies become pervasive, a new market is emerging – the Internet of Things,” said John Chen, BlackBerry’s (Waterloo, Canada) chief executive. “Billions of connections, generating trillions of transactions and exabytes of data daily, will require platforms that can operate securely on a global scale.”

“No other company is in a better position than BlackBerry to provide the technological building blocks, applications and services needed to enhance productivity, improve real-time decision making and deliver on the vision of the Internet of Things,” added Chen.

Chen says that Project Ion will offer resources necessary to access massive amounts of data from multiple disparate sources and then distill it into meaningful information – using open source and third-party analytic tools.

The result should be of benefit to companies and organizations across a range of industries.

Consumer products companies, for instance, would be able to better understand and engage with customers, while insurers could obtain more accurate risk profile information.

In the manufacturing sector, meanwhile, demand is growing for more insightful logistics and control data that would allow organizations to make efficiency improvements and slash costs.

BlackBerry says it plans to develop a secure public application platform powered by its QNX technology, which analysts regard as one of the company’s most valuable assets when it comes to addressing the IoT market.

The platform will be able to access data from a variety of sources and ultimately should allow businesses to make more timely and informed decisions.

At the same time, the company aims to develop an IoT ecosystem – involving partners, operators and application developers – to connect the growing number of internet-enabled devices to this platform.

“Select partners and developers will soon have early access to the product component of Project Ion,” promised BlackBerry in a statement.
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