Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Bosch, MongoDB target retail supply chain, manufacturing in M2M tie-up

Iain Morris
May 28, 2014
Bosch Software Innovations and database provider MongoDB have announced plans to work together on providing big data services to the retail supply chain and manufacturing industries.

The companies say they are responding to growing demand for insight into the real-time data being generated by sensors and other connected devices, such as cars and industrial machines.

By combining their expertise, they aim to create a platform on which customers can build Internet of Things (IoT) applications in areas such as fleet management and predictive maintenance.

According to analyst estimates, there could be more than 14 billion devices, appliances and systems connected to the internet by 2022, giving rise to a vast amount of what Bosch (Stuttgart, Germany) calls “unstructured data” and a growing need for big data solutions.

Bosch’s software suite allows devices to be securely integrated into existing business processes, and that combining this software, while MongoDB (New York City, NY, USA) says that its database services are used by Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, hospitals, governments and organizations of all sizes.

“The value of IoT applications can only be fully realized when analysis is delivered in real time – providing the ability to react and respond as processes are in-flight,” said Rainer Kallenbach, the chief executive of Bosch Software Innovations. “These applications call for innovative software development methodologies and flexible data models.”

“MongoDB’s scalable, flexible and secure data management platform and our market-proven software suite for the IoT will allow our customers to profit from a faster realization of their business models, as well as rapid adaptions and enhancements that are imminent for being successful in the IoT,” he added.

MongoDB says the IoT is quickly becoming embedded in the “operational fabric of business” and that the company’s new partnership with Bosch is ideally positioned to address this opportunity.
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