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Telefonica to support management of city services in Valencia

Iain Morris
May 28, 2014
Spanish telecoms incumbent Telefonica has won a contract to blanket the city of Valencia with sensors allowing authorities to manage a whole range of municipal services, including traffic, street lighting, policing, cleaning and waste collection.

The so-called smart city network will comprise 350 sensors that are constantly monitored and connected to a Telefonica-operated network.

“Telefonica [Madrid, Spain] has the firm intention of making the city of Valencia a global benchmark in smart cities,” said Javier Castro, Telefonica’s general manager for Valencia, Murcia and the Balearic Islands. “[“Telefonica’s solution is] capable of guaranteeing resource sustainability, more accurate incident reporting in real-time and more robust solutions to problems.”

Telefonica says its platform is designed to monitor everything happening in the city, and that it will set out strategies to improve efficiency and quality of life for city residents.

Besides improving quality of life, the operator said the main objectives of the project were to reduce public spending and “optimize management efficiency”.

“City managers will know what is happening in the city in real-time and can cancel automatic irrigation on rainy days, open traffic lights to let an ambulance through, switch on street lights on a cloudy day to improve visibility and notify citizens where there are free parking spaces, along with many other possibilities,” said Castro.

The operator’s IoT platform is based on Europe’s open-access FI-WARE standard, and is being offered as a cloud-based service.

Telefonica says the open innovation ecosystem that has been created around Fi-Lab – the FI-WARE experimentation laboratory – will simplify the use of open data generated through the platform and ultimately boost the development of ICT services in Valencia.

City authorities want to make Valencia into Spain’s “technological capital” with efficient infrastructure for telecoms, energy, transport, emergency and security services and maintenance programs.

“All of these services will be constantly monitored and connected to a network, which will lead to enhanced efficiency and new high-quality services,” said Telefonica in a statement.
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