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Silver Spring launches mobile thermostat, improved demand optimizer apps

Iain Morris
May 27, 2014
Smart meter player Silver Spring Networks has launched a new mobile thermostat app and updated its demand optimizer application as it looks to help energy utilities provide additional benefits and savings to their customers.

The thermostat app should allow utilities to offer customers a further means of managing energy consumption and lower costs.

Branded the CustomerIQ Thermostat App, the service includes a web interface as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS devices to give utility customers remote control capabilities.

It features smart thermostat technology developed by Carrier (Farmington, CT, USA) and Energate (Ottawa, Canada) – says Silver Spring (Redwood City, CA, USA) – and will function with any Zigbee smart energy protocol device.

Silver Spring has also made improvements to its demand response management system (DRMS) application, introducing a big data analytics service as well as support for additional protocols and devices.

The DRMS application now allows for fully automated demand response over the smart grid or internet.

The additional benefits for utilities will include additional device choice, the ability to preview DR events and forecast load reductions in detail before they are dispatched to customer end devices, and a facility allowing utilities to save DR events to a “template library” for future use, modification and dispatch.

Silver Spring customer Hawaiian Electric (Honolulu, HI, USA) has already voiced its approval of the modifications.

“Hawaiian Electric is deploying smart grid technology to modernize the electric system and provide a solid foundation for our community’s energy future,” said Dan Giovanni, the senior vice president of operations for Hawaiian Electric. “Silver Spring’s smart grid DR solution and new demand optimizer software will help further the use of demand-side resources to improve service and integrate more low-cost renewable energy to reduce Hawaii’s dependency on expensive imported oil.”

The smart-meter player has also flagged a positive response to its efforts by other utility customers, which include Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, Pacific Gas & Electric (San Francisco, CA, USA) and Pepco Holdings (Washington D.C., USA).

Silver Spring claims to have delivered more than 18.5 million DR-ready, ZigBee-enabled endpoints globally, and says that its partner ecosystem has enabled it to develop new solutions for reducing utility peak load and increasing customer participation in DR programs.

“Silver Spring’s open standards-based IPv6 network creates a continuous connection between utilities and their customers enabling innovative strategies for energy management and control,” said Matt Smith, the senior director of utility solutions for Silver Spring Networks.

“With deep adoption of our network and some of the greatest customer engagement success stories in the market, this latest extension of Silver Spring’s demand response portfolio will now offer utilities even more ways to empower their customers, grow program participation rates, and more precisely manage load,” he added.
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