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MedMinder launches smart pill dispenser for improved healthcare

Iain Morris
May 21, 2014
A new smart pill dispenser developed by Gemalto and MedMinder is able to monitor medication intake, send medical alerts and order refills for patients, both improving the service that caregivers offer and lowering costs for healthcare providers.

The dispenser has been developed by medical device provider MedMinder (Needham, MA, USA) and uses a M2M module from Gemalto (Amsterdam, Netherlands) that allows it to send information over mobile-phone networks.

The device can be set up to monitor mediation usage by a patient and then send data from the over wireless networks to a central server.

Doctors and caregivers can log on to MedMinder’s web interface to view details of medication usage and manage any changes when they are necessary.

Thank to the security technology that Gemalto provides with its modules, only authorized individuals are able to access the information.

The technology includes an audio alarm that will alert the patient when medication needs to be taken, and caregivers will also receive alerts if scheduled doses are missed.

Patients can also choose their preferred method of communication, as the connectivity allows the pill dispenser to send reminders via text message, email or a phone call.

The device also comes with a two-way voice communications facility that patients can use in the event of a medical emergency.

“The Gemalto M2M solution allows for secure connectivity that provides 24/7 automated communication between the pill box, patient, doctor and medical alert monitoring center depending on the urgency of the situation,” said Eran Shavelsky, MedMinder’s chief executive.

“The technology also offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness for our devices with the option to add new features and expand capabilities in the future without having to redesign the device,” added Shavelsky.

MedMinder said it was attracted to the Gemalto module as the slimmest one available on the market, making it ideal for the company’s compact solution.

“With an aging population and growing need for chronic care management, Gemalto M2M technology truly impacts patients’ day-to-day care while protecting data and can be seamlessly integrated into healthcare IT systems,” said Paul Kobos, the head of M2M sales for Gemalto North America.
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