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CargoNet and LoJack partner to improve supply chain security

Iain Morris
May 21, 2014
Supply-chain technology players CargoNet and LoJack say they have teamed up to help companies in the transportation and supply chain sectors overcome existing fragmentation around the collection, analysis and distribution of cargo theft data and analytics.

The companies intend to provide a superior range of supply chain security risk and performance analysis services through a new data collection and analytics platform.

Both companies have historically collected and disseminated data to customers in the transportation industry and law enforcement to help prevent cargo losses, analyze trends and recover stolen cargo loads.

Working together, they say, they will be able to consolidate and standardize cargo theft reporting in North America – which would be a critical step in terms of improving supply chain security.

Customers of both companies are set to benefit from new capabilities for predicting, analyzing, visualizing and mitigating supply chain security risks – as well as improving goods movement performance – say the companies.

One step they will take is to integrate their cargo theft database operations to streamline data collection and analysis and improve support for their customers.

“Through this alliance, we will help the supply chain sector take a significant step forward in regard to integrated data, analytics and theft prevention," said Ted Wlazlowski of LoJack (Canton, MA, USA). "Together, LoJack and CargoNet [Jersey City, NJ, USA] will be able to … address a wider set of supply chain factors for homeland security and … support cargo theft prevention and recovery through data analytics.”

CargoNet’s David Shillingford added that the alliance would provide the companies with an opportunity to integrate risk analytics with telematics systems.

“It also offers an exciting glimpse into the future of supply chain risk management,” he added.
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