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Canada's Jim Pattison to roll out fleet-management service with Donlen

Iain Morris
May 21, 2014
Canadian fleet leasing company Jim Pattison Group is introducing a new fleet-management service for its customers in partnership with Donlen, which develops asset-management services for corporate fleets.

Jim Pattison (Vancouver, Canada) currently has more than 28,000 vehicles under lease or management and will offer its customers a range of fleet-management services as well as an established vendor network of service and repair facilities on the back of the partnership.

Donlen (Northbrook, IL, USA) says it will become the single point of contact for fleet-related data, including maintenance histories, which will be consolidated using its FleetWeb technology.

That means customers will be able to receive a single invoice from Donlen for all North American fleet-management services.

“In choosing a Canadian partner, there were two areas where we wouldn’t compromise: a strong focus on customer satisfaction and the ability to provide services to the same high standard that we do at Donlen,” said Gus Xamplas, Donlen’s vice president and general manager of Canada. “Jim Pattison Lease delivers on both.”

“With this agreement, we’re also able to provide complete FleetWeb data integration – a key factor for our customers with Canadian operations,” he added.

Jim Pattison said there were similarities between its own organization and that of Donlen that went beyond the services they could provide.

“Like Donlen, we’re focused on 100% customer satisfaction at Jim Pattison Lease,” said Wayne Rose, the vice president of operations for Jim Pattison Lease. “That means every interaction we have is important to our long-term relationship with our customers.”

The alliance became effective as of May 2, said the companies, which promised to provide more information to customers through account managers in due course.
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