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Hawaiian Electric looks to DVI grid-optimization tech for energy savings

Iain Morris
May 20, 2014
Hawaiian Electric is to roll out grid optimization technology supplied by DVI as part of efforts to modernize its infrastructure and reduce energy costs.

The technology will initially be deployed for 5,200 customers as part of a larger grid modernization program, with Silver Spring Networks providing advanced metering infrastructure and various other smart-grid technologies.

The utility says that by using the DVI (Richmond, VA, USA) technology in conjunction with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) it will be able to monitor and optimize distributed system voltage and reduce its dependency on expensive imported oil.

It also expects the technology to help it further integrate renewables into its resource mix.

“Implementing both AMI and DVI technology will help improve grid efficiencies and allow for further integration of renewables into Hawaiian Electric's resource mix,” said Dan Giovanni, the operations senior vice president of Hawaiian Electric. “The resulting energy savings, combined with the ability to integrate more low-cost renewable energy, will allow Hawaii to reduce its overall dependency on expensive imported oil.”

Giovanni added that grid modernization efforts will carry benefits for the utility and its customers.

The recent moves form the first phase of a plan to develop smart grids across Oahu in Maui County and on Hawaii Island by 2018.

“The state of Hawaii presents a strong business case for the use of the [DVI] grid optimization technology,” said Todd Headlee, DVI’s executive director. “Optimizing voltage allows for a reduction in energy consumption, thereby reducing expensive fuel costs.”

“At the same time, the distribution grid is stabilized, allowing for increased use of renewables—a win-win.  DVI is proud to be part of Hawaii Electric's grid modernization efforts," said Todd Headlee, DVI's executive director.
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