Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Axeda, Salesforce offer deeper insight into asset usage

Iain Morris
May 14, 2014
M2M platform provider Axeda has teamed up with cloud-computing player Salesforce to help service organizations develop a clearer understanding of how equipment is being used by customers.

Axeda said its service would help service and operational teams to go beyond simply tracking, monitoring and maintaining their assets – while also helping them to reduce support costs and increase service revenue.

The partnership has seen Axeda (Foxboro, MA, USA) launch its Connected Asset Management application on the Salesforce1 AppExchange.

“Axeda is increasing opportunities for innovation across the Internet of Things with an easy-to-use cloud-to-cloud integration that accelerates the creation of a complete solution,” said Bill Zujewski, Axeda’s chief marketing officer and executive vice president for product strategy.

“Machine data gives all new context and information to a connected enterprise to improve operational efficiency, provide customer insights and drive new services,” he added.

Salesforce (San Francisco, CA, USA) said the Axeda application would meet growing demand among companies for technologies allowing them to connect with customers, partners and employees.

“By leveraging the power of the Salesforce1 Customer Platform, Axeda provides customers with the proven social, mobile and connected cloud technologies to accelerate business success,” said Ron Huddleston, senior vice president of the global AppExchange and partner program for Salesforce.

In a statement, the companies said the service would allow organizations to make more informed business-critical decisions based on insights derived from the data that assets generate.

Axeda said the CAM application would allow technicians, customer service reps and account managers to seamlessly access machine data in the Salesforce user interface.

By populating asset information with data pulled from machines, the service will give Salesforce end users more valuable information about connected assets, it added.
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