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Telus to invest $2.8 billion in expanding connectivity, telehealth

Iain Morris
May 7, 2014
Canadian telecoms operator Telus has unveiled plans to spend $2.8 billion on deploying connectivity services in British Columbia between now and 2016, saying the investment is partly aimed at helping it to expand the reach of its healthcare solutions.

In a statement released in advance of its annual general meeting, the operator said it would spend $1.2 billion in the province in 2014 and another $1.6 billion in 2015 and 2016 to build infrastructure and expand urban and rural internet connectivity and capacity.

“Telus [Edmonton, Canada] is proud to invest $2.8 billion in leading-edge broadband technologies through 2016 to ensure British Columbia continues to be one of the most connected places anywhere in the world,” said Darren Entwistle, the president and chief executive of TELUS.

The operator says funding will partly go on meeting growing demand for wireless data through the rapid deployment of 700MHz spectrum for use in rural and urban areas.

The use of the low-frequency airwaves should enable Telus to boost coverage and capacity in rural areas and open up new service opportunities for the company.

It also says it plans to connect “thousands of homes and businesses” with its higher-capacity and Optik TV solutions.

From an M2M perspective, however, the most eye-catching detail was the operator’s reference to the expansion of its healthcare services.

Telus currently claims to provide electronic medical records to more than 12,500 Canadian physicians across the country, and to support more than 45 million patient interactions year, and it says the investments will help it to expand the reach of its healthcare services.

The operator says its remote health monitoring services are used by thousands of Canadians in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, and in March its venture capital arm made a $3 million investment in PatientSafe Solutions (San Diego, CA, USA), which has developed a platform that can be used to consolidate electronic health record data in a single mobile system.

“Telus’ continued investment has fuelled the unparalleled success of our Optik TV, high-speed Internet and business services, as well as the ongoing advancement of our world-leading LTE wireless network that now extends to more than 90 per cent of British Columbians,” said Entwistle.

“As a result, we are bridging the digital divide by offering citizens greater access to telehealth, virtual classrooms and small business solutions in even the most remote corners of the province,” he added.
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