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Deutsche Telekom launches new healthcare division

Iain Morris
May 7, 2014
German telecoms incumbent Deutsche Telekom has quietly launched a new division called Deutsche Telekom Healthcare Solutions (DTHS) that groups together all of its previous activities in the connected health market.

The operator has yet to issue a statement about the creation of the new division but provided some explanation of the move on a new website describing the various operations of DTHS.

“[DTHS] is now in charge of all Telekom activities and business investments in the healthcare sector,” said the operator. “Now, for the first time, they have a uniform, overarching presence in the market as Telekom Healthcare Solutions.”

Deutsche Telekom (Bonn, Germany) has been addressing IT opportunities in the healthcare sector through its intelligent network solutions business, which also targets the automotive and energy sectors and forms a part of the operator’s T-Systems IT business.

Until now, however, its various healthcare activities have lacked some cohesion, which explains the new move.

That comes amid a bout of restructuring within T-Systems, with Deutsche Telekom looking to cut 4,900 jobs at the business by the end of the year.

T-Systems is also keen to move away from the sale of what it calls “classical” ICT services and focus more on the development of standardized offerings in the areas of big data, cloud, M2M and security.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Telekom is still working towards a target of generating as much as €1 billion ($1.39 billion) in revenues from intelligent network solutions in 2015.

Last year, the operator made just €200 million in this area – although that did represent a doubling of revenues between 2012 and 2013.

The operator has embarked on a variety of initiatives in the healthcare sector specifically.

In Germany, for instance, it supplies its iMedOne hospital information system to around 200 hospitals, while another 100 hospitals internationally have entrusted the management of their IT operations to the operator on a full outsourcing basis.

Deutsche Telekom also claims to be the market leader in “German-language healthcare”, having registered 550 installations of its Hybase-branded hygiene software.
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