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Gemalto supports remote monitoring, maintenance for ADLINK

Iain Morris
May 7, 2014
Gemalto has revealed that its M2M software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is being used to support remote PC monitoring and real-time maintenance for computer specialist ADLINK.

ADLINK’s (New Taipei, Taiwan) industrial PCs are used for managing and controlling business processes and assets including medical equipment, digital signage and communications infrastructure, and Gemalto’s (Amsterdam, Netherlands) products are said to be helping the company “tighten and simplify” these processes.

In a statement, the companies said the partnership had led to an acceleration in project timelines of between six months and a year.

With Gemalto’s device-to-cloud offer, ADLINK customers have been able to continuously monitor their devices and respond immediately to critical situations.

Data gathered by the monitoring software agent – on parameters such as CPU speed, system restart reasons and total operation hours – can be transferred to the cloud and accessed from anywhere by means of a web-based dashboard so that users can immediately assess performance levels.

“The flexible Gemalto solution is ideally equipped to serve our wide range of embedded solution customers across many different vertical markets without the need for a dedicated software stack for each application,” said Dirk Finstel, the chief executive of the EMEA region at ADLINK.

“Gemalto’s strong technical support helped us quickly port SEMA Cloud to ADLINK devices for an accelerated launch along with the ability to scale up as business and technology needs expand.”

Gemalto described the device-to-cloud strategy as a “new model for all critical industrial businesses” and said that it demonstrated the benefits of M2M on instant data collection and management.

“The solution sets a benchmark for easy to deploy M2M services offering new revenue streams for service providers, added value for customers and optimizing operations with improved edge-to-enterprise communications,” said Laetitia Jay, vice president of M2M Solutions and Services at Gemalto.
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