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Vodafone NZ hits one million M2M connections with ITL deal

Iain Morris
April 30, 2014
Vodafone New Zealand claim to have hit the milestone of supporting one million M2M connections, having just signed a new five-year global M2M agreement with International Telematics Limited (ITL).

Vodafone (Auckland, New Zealand) said under the new contract it would use its global platform to provide services in markets where ITL (Auckland, New Zealand) is well established, including Australia and North America.

However, the operator will also support ITL in new markets into which it plans to move in the future.

ITL’s M2M technology is used to support a range of asset location monitoring and security services, as well as driver behavior reports and environmental impact assessments.

It claims to be one of only two providers in New Zealand that has received approval from the New Zealand Transport Agency to collect electronic road-user charges.

“In the past, it has been very difficult to penetrate a new international market,” said Guy Colglazier, ITL’s chief executive. “Vodafone’s reliable network will help us remove the traditional barriers for expansion offshore,”

“Now, with Vodafone’s global M2M platform, we can ship our product straight from our warehouse and know that whether the box is opened in Adelaide or Albuquerque, it’s going to work in the same way without any adjustments,” he added.

Vodafone said the use of a global M2M platform would reduce complexity for businesses look to expand internationally.

“Although it’s relatively straightforward to offer an M2M solution within a single country, being able to scale that solution internationally is where Vodafone’s competitive advantage lies,” said Tony Bacon, the head of M2M at Vodafone New Zealand. “With Vodafone, ITL now has the ability to connect to over 580 mobile networks around the world.”

Bacon noted that Vodafone’s M2M platform is now being used for a range of services, including electronic road tolling, refrigerator monitoring, security services and electricity metering.

“Businesses of all shapes and sizes can reduce complexity and cost and – in the case of ITL – expand internationally, by using M2M,” he added.
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