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DCS, CalAmp, Raco partner on fleet-management offering

Iain Morris
April 30, 2014
DCS, CalAmp and Raco Wireless have come together to provide fleet-management development kits aimed at reducing the time to market needed to launch software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

The kit includes combines CalAmp’s (Oxnard, CA, USA) location messaging unit or trailer tracking unit with a domestic and global SIM as well as an airtime data bundle from Raco (Cincinnati, OH, USA).

The companies say their partnership reflects the growing demand for bundled offerings including hardware, software and airtime elements.

The aim is to accelerate the deployment of fleet SaaS solutions for new service providers or companies that maintain fleets by lowering the cost of ownership, reducing installation fees and reducing overall deployment time.

“By creating a turnkey solution, we are making it easier than ever for developers to build, test, and deploy state-of-the-art M2M solutions to hasten the widespread adoption of the technology,” said John Hubler, the vice president of business development for Raco. “Building relationships with quality strategic partners is critical for providing integrated solutions in what has historically been a very fragmented market.”

DCS (San Diego, CA, USA) says its fleet-monitoring and diagnostic monitoring application is readily compatible with CalAmp’s line of products, and that its devices can be customized to suit needs on programming, device management and provisioning on wireless networks.

“We focus on the out-of-box experience,” said Chris Bursey, a managing partner with DCS. “Our strength in module integration and product deployment is a perfect match for creating this offering.”

DCS also indicated that development kits are immediately available through the DCS Marketplace.
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