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WheribleGPS launches ultra-small tracker for remote monitoring

Iain Morris
April 23, 2014
M2M device maker WheribleGPS has launched a new cellular and GPS tracking device that is small enough to suit a variety of needs, including remote monitoring of adults with health concerns.

The company says its new WheriTrack tracker is smaller than a business card and will fit into luggage tags, purses and other small spaces.

WheribleGPS (Roswell, GA, USA) says the device’s portability means it can be moved around easily without losing functionality.

It is intended for multiple uses, says the organization, from tracking objects such as luggage and vehicles to monitoring the vital signs of individuals with poor health.

WheribleGPS says its research indicates there may also be demand for WheriTrack among gamers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to create real-time games and contests.

As well as launching WheribleGPS, the device maker is introducing a new mobile mapping application as well as a desktop solution for generating reports and details of device location history.

“The size and affordability of the WheriTrack solution really makes new tracking applications practical,” said Jeff Thacher, the president of WheribleGPS. “With our design, we maintained a strong focus for our solution to be an easy buying decision for businesses and consumers alike.”

“WheriTrack is the first GPS tracker that provides robust solutions to address real business and personal issues, while also providing unlimited opportunities for entertainment purposes in a growing digital gaming industry,” added Thacher.

WheribleGPS says its new device addresses both consumer and commercial needs and has been designed to operate over the network of US cellular operator Sprint.

The device comes with a range of proprietary solutions as well as “development opportunities via the WheribleGPS API [application programming interface] environment”, notes the company.

It can also be recharged using a standard micro USB device.

Founded in 2011, WheribleGPS says its mission is to become the leading provider of Internet of Things devices and platforms.
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