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Axial launches BlackBerry version of patient engagement app

Iain Morris
April 23, 2014
Mobile app developer Axial Exchange says its patient engagement app is now available for BlackBerry 10 smartphones and that Indonesia’s Siloam Hospital Group has become one of the first providers to introduce the service.

The technology is designed to “deepen the patient’s role in improving outcomes”, says Axial (Raleigh, NC, USA), allowing patients to access personal health information in an easy-to-use interface.

Using the app, patients can learn more about medical conditions, set medication reminders and alerts and track progress against designated care plans.

The app also links to interactive health trackers to monitor weight, glucose, blood pressure, medication adherence and other metrics essential to health and wellbeing.

The technology was previously available on the iPhone, iPad and a range of Android devices.

Siloam Hospital Group, the healthcare organization that is supporting the BlackBerry (Waterloo, Canada) service, manages 16 hospitals with 3,700 beds and serves around two million patients each year.

Axial says the initiative represents the first national patient engagement application project in Indonesia, and showcases Siloam Hospital Group’s commitment to providing high-quality patient care through innovation, education and greater patient participation.

“Axial Exchange is excited to launch the BlackBerry version of its application to broaden access to patient engagement tools by increasing availability on a range of mobile devices.,” said Joanne Rohde, chief executive of Axial Exchange. “Our goal is to improve patient education and develop successful health management strategies all across Indonesia using intuitive and interactive applications.”

BlackBerry says it has plenty of “brand momentum” in Indonesia and that the availability of the Axial app will be of enormous benefit to users in the country.

Axial now claims to serve more than 30 provider organizations across the US and Indonesia.
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