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Commdex unveiled as latest partner of M2M Spectrum Networks

Iain Morris
April 23, 2014
M2M Spectrum Networks has revealed Commdex as its latest partner on the build-out of a US network dedicated to M2M and Internet of Things services.

The company recently unveiled its plans to shake up the US market with the launch of a “purpose-built” M2M network, and has subsequently announced that GlobeRanger (Richardson, TX, USA) will provide its RFID solutions platform, with TrueNet (Jacksonville, FL, USA) managing the construction of the network.

Commdex (Norcross, GA, USA), the latest company to be associated with the project, is to provide engineering expertise, with M2M Spectrum Networks (Phoenix, AZ, USA) aiming to cover 75% of the population by the end of 2015 and 95% by the end of 2016.

The company is using licensed spectrum and its own proprietary technology to develop the network.

“M2M Spectrum Networks will rely on our experience in designing and building wireless networks in more than 45 states across the country,” said Prince Niyyar, the president of Commdex. “This is a great opportunity to develop our presence in the M2M market while displaying our ability to rapidly deploy the innovative technology and solutions required to support high priority missions.”

In an accompanying statement, M2M Spectrum Networks said the telecoms industry “has been looking for an affordable solution for connecting devices, and this network fulfills that key need”.

It aims to support M2M services across a range of industry sectors, including healthcare and fleet management.

The company clearly hopes to capitalize on the plans of AT&T (Dallas, TX, USA) and Verizon Wireless (New York City, NY, USA) to “sunset” their 2G networks over the next few years.

Many organizations still rely on 2G to support M2M services, seeing it as a lower-cost and more widely available technology than either 3G or 4G LTE.

Even so, analysts reckon those higher-speed technologies will grow in M2M popularity as more advanced services are introduced into the market and with equipment costs set to fall.

Such developments would make life very difficult for M2M Spectrum Networks unless there continues to be a healthy level of demand for 2G services.

Under its tie-up with M2M Spectrum Networks, Commdex will have responsibility for a range of engineering services, including RF engineering, frequency coordination, network design and deployment and optimization.

“We are proud to provide engineering and technical expertise for what will be the first and only dedicated and licensed M2M network in the nation,” said Chuck Bethea, the vice president of sales and engineering for Commdex. “This network build-out will certainly pave the way for great advancements in critical communications in this country.”
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