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Novatel wins MiFi device certification in US, EMEA markets

Iain Morris
April 23, 2014
M2M player Novatel Wireless has won certification for its new MiFi device with several major players in North America and the EMEA region.

In a statement, the company said the SA 2100 has been certified for use on the network of US telecoms giant Verizon Wireless (New York City, NY, USA) – as well as by Conformite Europeene (CE), the Global Certification Forum (GCF) and PTCRB to operate in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The device is intended to support M2M services in various vertical markets, including aftermarket telematics, connected cars, digital signage, security and other high-bandwidth applications.

Novatel (San Diego, CA, USA) describes the SA 2100 as a programmable gateway solution for commercial and consumer telematics, as well as fixed telemetry markets, and says it will support internet connectivity of 4G LTE as well as 3G networks.

It is also compatible with Ethernet, USB and Wi-Fi technologies.

“By expanding our certification on the Verizon Network and for overseas carriers, we expand the portfolio offering in both the US and abroad for the SA 2100,” said Rob Hadley, Novatel’s chief marketing officer. “The SA 2100 is a powerful and flexible product that addresses customer needs in both telemetry and aftermarket telematics markets.”

Novatel is clearly positioning itself for an anticipated ramp-up in the deployment of more advanced M2M services that take advantage of higher-speed 3G and 4G network technologies.

Although basic 2G networks are widely used in the M2M industry today, analysts believe 3G and 4G LTE will become increasingly prominent over the next few years.

US operators AT&T (Dallas, TX, USA) and Verizon Wireless have announced plans to shut down their 2G networks by 2020, which partly explains the expectations of a shift towards other standards, but falling equipment costs are also likely to spur the adoption of 3G and 4G technologies.
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