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Silver Spring Networks to enhance smart-grid offer with MongoDB tie-up

Iain Morris
April 22, 2014
Silver Spring Networks has teamed up with software developer MongoDB to bolster the features available through its smart-grid services.

Under the partnership, the smart-grid player will use database systems developed by MongoDB (New York City, NY, USA) to capture and store M2M data generated by its SilverLink Sensor Network technology.

As a result, say the companies, Silver Spring Networks (Redwood City, CA, USA) will be able to provide enriched data to developers for the design of new applications and services aimed at utilities and energy consumers.

The SilverLink Sensor Network is intended to produce near real-time analytics, as well as historical data, across a variety of parameters, but the tie-up with MongoDB should add considerable value to the data the companies can provide to the developer community.

In turn, that should accelerate the development and deployment of new applications that leverage smart grid data.

“The distributed M2M networks we deploy for smart grid and smart city applications capture millions of data streams that will exponentially grow as more devices are connected,” said Charles Sum, the vice president of software architecture and analytics for Silver Spring Networks.

“Using a new cloud data service to model, correlate, aggregate, analyze and externalize these streams in parallel and in near real-time, the SilverLink Sensor Network will provide customers with insight to significantly increase energy efficiency, conservation and provide a higher level of customer service,” he added.

According to MongoDB, many utilities find that 70% of enterprise data is generated from smart grid networks, but that extracting value from this and generating applications based on it has proven costly and resource-intensive – resulting in the development of applications that are difficult to scale up.

“The database standard for modern application development, MongoDB is at the forefront of data management solutions enabling M2M applications like the SilverLink Sensor Network that meet the needs of a connected utility ecosystem,” said Max Schireson, MongoDB’s chief executive. “MongoDB enables real-time analytics and flexible applications at any scale, helping companies accelerate third-party application development in order to unlock new business opportunities.”
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