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M2M Spectrum Networks picks GlobeRanger for RFID

Iain Morris
April 15, 2014

M2M Spectrum Networks says it has selected GlobeRanger to provide an RFID solution for its nationwide M2M network.

Earlier this month, the newly formed company announced plans to build and operate what it says will be the first licensed dedicated M2M network across the US.

It claims to have “creatively sourced” licensed radio spectrum for the building of a nationwide network that will be tailor-made for M2M services.

With plans to extend services to 75% of the US population by the end of 2015, and 95% by the end of 2016, M2M Spectrum Networks says that GlobeRanger’s (Richardson, TX, USA) iMotion Edgeware technology will become its RFID solutions platform.

“We are incredibly happy to have partnered with GlobeRanger,” said Barclay Knapp, the chief executive of M2M Spectrum Networks (Phoenix, AZ, USA). “The company’s mission to provide the most reliable, scalable, and flexible enterprise edge software infrastructure at the lowest total cost of ownership dovetails well with M2M Spectrum Networks’ vision.”

GlobeRanger’s technology is already used in some of the largest RFID deployments in the world, including those of the US Defense Logistics Agency and Flora Holland.

M2M Spectrum Networks also notes that iMotion Edgeware has already been the foundation for several deployments in supply chain operations, logistics, perishables tracking and healthcare.

“GlobeRanger’s proven technology will allow our customers to harness data that is generated outside traditional IT environments to improve their business processes, cut costs and move closer to being real-time organizations,” said Knapp.

GlobeRanger claims Edgeware is taking off as edge processing to enable M2M applications becomes more widely deployed.

M2M Spectrum Networks plans to go head to head against established operators in a number of M2M areas, including security and alarm monitoring, fleet vehicle dispatch and machine monitoring systems.

The company is developing a proprietary radio system called Machine Data Network Architecture that is intended to provide seamless interfaces to existing M2M applications, application providers and MVNOs.
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