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RigNet, CPN partner on SCADA for oil and gas sector

Iain Morris
April 15, 2014

RigNet has teamed up with satellite player CPN on the development of a new packaged SCADA solution for oil and gas companies.

The service includes a Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M terminal with a so-called custom enclosure system from CPN – providing customers with a service they can use to monitor electric submersible pumps.

RigNet (Houston, TX, USA), which specializes in developing M2M services for the oil and gas industry, says the partnership with CPN (Gesenheim, Germany) will help it to expand its presence in the market.

“Packaging equipment from Hughes and CPN along with high availability L-band services into one fully managed solution, RigNet brings a solution to the artificial lift market that significantly improves operational performance for our customers,” said Morten Hagland Hansen, RigNet’s chief technology officer.

The CPN enclosure is described as a custom environmental enclosure system that is used to house the Hughes 9502 terminal and additional SCADA equipment.

The combination means that RigNet can bring the SCADA solution to the oilfield “safely and reliably”, it said in a statement.

The system includes variable speed drives to provide power and protection for ESP installations while reducing operating costs, increasing efficiency and maintaining system integrity.

RigNet says the combination of the right VSD with expert electrical and pump system design, field operation and monitoring throughout the lifecycle of the well will allow customers to boost profitability – ensuring that wells produce longer and with higher ESP system uptime and reliability.

The RigNet service will monitor, control and diagnose ESP systems to minimize downtime, reduce potential energy fines and levies and prolong pump run life.

“RigNet and CPN have a great opportunity to support the oil and gas industry with the combination of our expert knowledge,” said Thomas Nicolai, managing director of CPN. “Customers benefit from the relationship by obtaining access to the latest technology built to the upmost quality standards.”
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