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Kore provides M2M platform to Singapore's StarHub

Iain Morris
April 9, 2014

Kore Systems says it has begun providing an M2M service management platform to Singaporean telecom operator StarHub, which plans to launch a number of fleet and asset management services based on the tie-up.

The operator has been ramping up activities in the M2M area and sees the Kore platform as a vital component of its offerings to a number of vertical markets.

M2M specialist Kore (Alpharetta, GA, USA) says the platform will be locally hosted and integrated with StarHub’s (Singapore) mobile network and business systems, ensuring that customer data stored by StarHub is fully protected.

“StarHub is driving M2M awareness, adoption and innovation in Singapore by collaborating with partners in our M2M ecosystem,” said Michael Ng, vice president of managed services and solutions at StarHub. “The platform is the first step towards enabling us to offer valuable, differentiated and complete M2M services to our M2M partners and customers.”

Using the Kore platform, StarHub will be able to control all aspects of a connected device’s lifecycle, from M2M SIM ordering to SIM provisioning, network usage, billing and troubleshooting.

The technology should also allow the operator to provide differentiated services to other service providers, enterprises and developers while automating major business processes so that it can speed up the deployment of M2M services – and lower the cost of doing so.

StarHub says it is embarking on various M2M initiatives and plans to offer “creative pricing packages designed specifically to meet the needs of various M2M applications and business models”.

It also intends to launch what it calls “starter kits” allowing developers to test new devices and build new applications, and says the Kore platform will aid its efforts in this area.

“Leading operators like StarHub have identified the growth that M2M markets can provide and the revenue opportunities it represents particularly in the face of slowing growth in traditional business lines,” said Pat Verrington, Kore’s vice president. “Kore has delivered a complete service platform with the applications required for operators to monetize their networks, control costs, optimize M2M services delivery and provide an ideal end-user experience.”
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